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Table 1 Overview of model resolution: sectors, electricity generation technologies, and household groups

From: Cost distribution and equity of climate policy in Switzerland

Sectors (iI)  
Non-energy Agriculture (agr), Paper (pap), Chemicals (che),
  Plastics (pla), Other non-metallic mineral products (nme),
  Basic metals (bme), Fabricated metal products (fmp),
  Medical and precision instruments (med),
  Manufacturing (man), Machinery and equipment (mch),
  Office machinery, computers (omc),
  Radio, TV and communication equipment (elt),
  Trade and repair except motor vehicles (wht), Real estate (est),
  Services (ser), Construction (cns),
  Final demand public/purchased transport (trc),
  Intermediate transportation services (try),
  Motor vehicles, trailers (veh),
  Trade and repair of vehicles; retail sale of automotive fuel (trd),
  Air transportation (atp)
Energy supply Motor fuels (benz), Heating oil (hoil),
and conversion Other mineral oil products (omop),
  Nuclear fuel (nuc), Crude oil (cru), Coal (coa),
  Natural gas (gas), Electricity generation (ele),
  Electricity distribution & transmission (edt),
  Electricity from waste incineration (ewi),
  Heat from waste incineration (hwi)
Final demand Private consumption by representative household,
  government consumption, investment demand
Electricity generation Hydro power, Nuclear power, Power from technologies (pP) fossil fuels,
  Power from renewable energy sources
  1. *Indicates sectors that are subject to the Swiss Emissions Trading System (ETS) which covers energy-intensive industries