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Table 13 Sets in the CEPE model

From: Cost distribution and equity of climate policy in Switzerland

Symbol Description
iI = {agr, atp, benz, bme, che, cns, coa, cru, edt, elt, est, ewi, fmp, gas, hoil, hwi, mch, med, nme, nuc, omc, omop, pap, pla, trd, veh, wht, ele, man, ser, trc, try} Industries
cC={hh, reinvest} Representative household
  and reinvestment activity
gG=IC {govt, inv} Industries and agents
fF= {lab, cap} Production factors
hhHH={h1,…,h9734} Households
etsETS={pap,che,pla,nme,bme,fmp, Industries within the
  emission trading system (ETS)
netsNETS=Iets Non-ETS Industries
eE= {benz, edt, omop, hoil, gas, coa} I Energy goods
benz={benz} Motor fuels (gasoline and diesel)
edt={edt} Electricity consumption commodities
coa={coa} Coal commodities
lq= {gas, omop, hoil, benz} Liquid fuel commodities
tecT={ren,nuc,hyd,fos} Technologies for electricity generation