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Table 15 Model parameters

From: Cost distribution and equity of climate policy in Switzerland

Symbol Description
Elasticity of substitution parameters
\(\sigma ^{T}_{i}\) Elasticity of transformation between domestic and export markets
\(\sigma ^{A}_{i}\) Domestic-imported composite in domestic market
\(\sigma ^{topc}_{c}\) Top level (transport-non-transport composite)
\(\sigma ^{at}_{c}\) Transport composite
\(\sigma ^{kle\_m}_{g}\) Value-added-energy-material composite
\(\sigma ^{m}_{g}\) Material composite
\(\sigma ^{kl\_e}_{i}\) Value-added-energy composite
\(\sigma ^{k\_l}_{i}\) Value-added composite
\(\sigma ^{cgo\_ele}_{g}\) Energy composite
\(\sigma ^{c\_go}_{g}\) Fossil fuel composite
\(\sigma ^{g\_o}_{g}\) Liquid fuel and gas composite
\(\sigma ^{ELE}_{tec}\) Capital-O&M composite in electricity generation
Input and expenditure shares
\(\theta ^{YX}_{D,i}\) Share of supply to domestic market
\(\theta ^{topc}_{at,c}\) Share of transport nest in total expenditures
\(\theta ^{topc}_{kle\_m,c}\) Share of value added and energy in total expenditures
\(\theta ^{at}_{j,c}\) Shares of commodity j in public transport cost bundle
\(\theta ^{kle\_m}_{m,g}\) Share of materials in kle_m
\(\theta ^{m}_{j,g}\) Shares of commodity j in material cost bundle
\(\theta ^{cgo\_ele}_{\text {edt},g}\) Share of electricity in energy bundle
\(\theta ^{c\_go}_{\text {coa},g}\) Share of coal in fossil fuel bundle
\(\theta ^{g\_o}_{j,g}\) Share of commodity j in liquid fuel bundle
\(\theta ^{kl\_e}_{k\_l,i}\) Share of value-added cost in value-added/energy composite
\(\theta ^{k\_l}_{f,i}\) Share of production factor f in value-added composite
\(\theta ^{A}_{D,i}\) Share of market supply from domestic supply
\(\theta ^{ELE}_{K,tec}\) Share of capital rents in generation costs
\(\theta ^{INC}_{L,c}\) Value share of wage earnings in income
\(\theta ^{INC}_{K,c}\) Value share of capital rents in income
\(\theta ^{INC}_{KE,tec,c}\) Value share of electricity capital rents in income
\(\theta ^{INC}_{T,c}\) Value share of transfers in income
Baseline variable values
\(\overline {ps_{st,c}}\) Baseline prices of energy services
\(\overline {pats_{j,g}}\) Baseline prices of market goods
\(\overline {pfd_{f,i}}\) Baseline factor prices
Other parameters
std st Standardized energy use per million CHF
p CO2 EU ETS permit price in CHF per tonne CO 2
\(p^{TRD}_{i}\) World market prices
rta i, g Value-added tax rate
rtoth i, g Net rate of other taxes
rtmot i, g Baseline ad valorem mineral oil tax rate
\(\phi ^{CO2}_{i,g}\) CO 2 intensity of commodity value
\(\phi ^{MOT}_{i,g}\) Mineral oil tax intensity of commodity value