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Table 15 Model parameters (Continued)

From: Cost distribution and equity of climate policy in Switzerland

Symbol Description
mult i Fuel specific multiplier on CO 2 tax
\(\phi ^{EDT}_{i,g}\) Electricity intensity of commodity value
e e, st Energy content of good e
vom g Baseline output of activity g
vid c Baseline investment demand
vex i Baseline exports
vim i Baseline imports
vafm i, g Baseline intermediates demand
vam i Baseline market supply
vtax i, g Baseline commodity tax payments
dedt Baseline national energy demand
ene e, g Baseline energy demand
etscap Emission cap for Swiss ETS
co2e, g CO 2 content of energy demand by g
cemi Baseline non-ETS emissions
vist st, i Baseline supply of intermediates for energy services
vidst Baseline demand for intermediates for energy services
vfm f, i Baseline factor demand
evom f, c Baseline factor endowment
vinc c Baseline income
tcorr hh Difference marginal and average income tax rate times income
trf hh Benchmark transfers
vb Benchmark balance of trade
mrtincf f,hh Marginal income tax rate on factor f
mrtinctec tec,hh Marginal income tax rate on tec specific capital
mvtfinc f,hh Marginal income tax rate times income for factor f
vtf lab,hh Volume of social security contributions
\(mrtlinc^{net}_{\text {hh}}\) Income tax on labor income based on net income
rti i Tariff rate on imports
rtf f, i Tax rate on factor demand
\(rtf^{e}_{f,tec}\) Tax rate on factor demand by power generation technologies
rtfhh lab,hh Tax rate labor provision
rtavrow i VA tax rate on exports
vtav i, g Baseline value of ad valorem taxes
rtav i, g Net rate of ad valorem taxes
vtmo i, g Baseline value of mineral oil taxes
emitarget National target for CO 2 emissions
cbauemi Baseline emissions outside ETS
co2tax Exogenous CO 2 tax
eletarget National target for electricity demand
enetax edt Tax on electricity
\(target^{KEV}_{tec}\) Technology-specific targets for market shares under KEV
rtmo i, g Baseline mineral oil tax rate