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Table 1 Elasticities of substitution used in the model

From: Growth impacts of Swiss steering-based climate policies

  Nesting Value Reference
σ Y, i Qi and Bi in final goods 0.392 (agr); 0.848 (chm, oil, gas); 0.518 (mch); 0.1 (ele); 1.264 (con); 0.352 (trn); 0.568 (oin); 0.492 (other sectors) Okagawa and Ban (2008)
κ Measures level of substitution between xij in intermediate composite 0.75 Bretschger et al. (2011)
ε Li, j, Ei, j and Vi, j in intermediate goods 0.7 (agr, oil, gas, het); 0.52 (con, oin); 0.58 (chm); 0.56 (trn); 0.66 (ele), 0.67 (mch); 0.4 (other sectors) van der (2007) and Mohler and Mueller (2012)
σ E Electricity and fossil energy (Yfos) 1.8 Acemoglu et al. (2012), Bretschger et al. (2011)
σ ele Electricity generation and distribution 0 Bretschger and Zhang (2017b)
σ egen Electricity generation groups 10 Sue Wing et al. (2011)
σ cons Constant electricity generation 1.5 Bretschger and Zhang (2017b)
σ int Intermittent electricity generation 2 Bosetti et al. (2009)
τ Non-physical capital (IK, i). and physical capital (IP, i) 0.3 Bretschger et al. (2011)
ω Labor in research (LRi) and investments in R&D (Ri) 0.3 Bretschger et al. (2011)
1/θ Intertemporal elasticity of substitution in utility 0.6 Hasanov (2007)
σ C Energy and non-energy in consumption 0.5 ECOPLAN (2007)
σ ce Electricity and fossil energy in consumption 1.5 Bretschger and Zhang (2017b)
η Trade Armington 3.2 (agr); 4.6 (mch); 3.8 (ele, oin); 2.9 (other sectors) Donnelly et al. (2004)
χ Elasticity of transformation 1 Bretschger et al. (2011)