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Table 1 Descriptive statistics

From: Does a ban on trans fats improve public health: synthetic control evidence from Denmark

 # ObsMeanStDMinMax
Panel A: outcomes
 CVD death rate988192.01132.0425.6 (South Korea)651.1 (Estonia)
 Adult obesity rate98817.695.431.5 (Japan)35.6 (USA)
 Adolescent obesity rate9886.893.281.4 (Slovakia)21.2 (USA)
 Child obesity rate9889.053.722.1 (Slovakia)22.5 (USA)
 Fraction overweight98851.828.2518.4 (Japan)67.4 (USA)
 Body mass index98825.711.0522.3 (Japan)28.8 (USA)
Panel B: covariates
 Food demand structure (first principal component)9880.0003.80− 6.09 (Latvia)7.06 (USA)
 Food demand structure (second principal component)988− 0.0001.18− 6.88 (USA)0.74 (Switzerland)
 Log health expenditure in 2000387.171.713.99 (South Korea)12.50 (USA)
 Consumer price index in 19903843.2928.410.0008 (Brazil)100 (Germany)
 Consumer price index in 19953859.6920.906.33 (Russia)101.07 (Japan)
 Consumer price index in 20003873.4414.0930.76 (Russia)102.65 (Japan)
 Consumer price index growth in 199038107.21484.48− 3.11 (Sweden)2960 (Brazil)
 Consumer price index growth in 19953816.0933.34− 0.12 (Japan)197.47 (Russia)
 Consumer price index growth in 2000384.554.22− 0.65 (Switzerland)20.77 (Russia)
 Latitude98838.4526.69− 40.90 (New Zealand)64.96 (Iceland)
 Longitude98810.5462.61− 103.34 (Canada)174.88 (New Zealand)
 Share of age-dependent population98850.165.7136.32 (South Korea)76.42 (Mexico)
 Birth rate98812.763.927.60 (Latvia)28.54 (Mexico)
 IQ98896.944.7284 (Colombia)106 (South Korea)
 Population growth9880.550.80− 2.57 (Estonia)6.01 (Israel)
 Systolic blood pressure98826.155.9411 (South Korea)40.75 (Lithuania)
 Life expectancy98876.883.9464.46 (Russia)83.84 (Japan)
 Log GDP per capita9889.580.498.40 (Russia)10.40 (USA)
 Log GDP per capita in 1990389.360.468.46 (Costa Rica)10.05 (USA)
 Log GDP per capita in 1995389.380.518.47 (Russia)10.11 (USA)
 Log GDP per capita in 2000389.540.518.56 (Russia)10.26 (USA)
 Fruit intake98894.4333.8818 (Lithuania)188 (Israel)
 Vegetables intake988104.7548.5723 (Colombia)302 (Greece)
 Sugar intake98843.1710.7016 (Slovenia)71 (USA)
 Protein intake98899.1314.4156 (Colombia)140 (Iceland)
 Fat intake988123.6428.0458 (South Korea)176 (Austria)
 Calories intake9883272.52289.432538 (Estonia)3858\ (Austria)