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Table 6 Cash Measures of Contactless Debit Card Innovators and Non-Innovators

From: The impact of contactless payment on cash usage at an early stage of diffusion

VariableMeanSDMed.Min.Max.NMeanSDMed.Min.Max.NMean Diff.z-values
Usual Withdrawal126.164160.10360.0000.000850.000422126.575153.52180.0000.000850.0005137-1.2800.000***
Nr. of Withdrawals4.1144.2473.0000.00021.7414243.3613.3462.0000.00021.74151470.754***0.008***
Cash in Wallet59.20989.02330.0000.000500.00042568.51291.01940.0000.000500.0005150-9.6110.000***
Cash Share0.3290.2800.3020.0001.0004240.3570.2860.3120.0001.0005102-0.0260.000***
  1. All variables are winsorized at the 99%-level except cash share. Cash management measures are reported in USD except the number of withdrawals and cash share. The usual cash withdrawal amount and the number of withdrawals relate to the primary location. Cash share is the ratio of the total number of cash transactions in a typical month at the POS to the total number of all purchases in a typical month at the POS. Survey weights used. T-tests of mean differences of innovators and non-innovators are displayed. Differences may stray from true values due to rounding and weighting. The Wilcoxon rank-sum test is displayed (z-values). Significance levels are denoted as *** p <0.01, ** p <0.05, * p <0.1.