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Table 7 Adoption patterns of contactless payment in the entire sample

From: The impact of contactless payment on cash usage at an early stage of diffusion

Contactless credit cards for t;TContactless debit cards for t;T
 N-I; N-IN-I; II; N-II; IMultiple switcher Total
Non-innovator; non-innovator56.813.032.030.629.62 72.11
Non-innovator; innovator2.830.940.2201.86 5.85
Innovator; non-innovator3.2101.5901.24 6.04
Innovator; innovator0.340.24000.37 0.95
Multiple switcher7.711.050.580.15.6 15.04
Total70.925.264.420.7218.69 100
  1. Numbers are in proportions and correspond to the 2009–2013 year balanced panel. Survey weights used. N-I and I denote non-innovators and innovators, respectively. Missings are coded according to the value of their previous year. t=2009,2010,2011,2012,2013