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Table 1 2020 dates on which 1 confirmed infection per 10,000 inhabitants was reached in the Swiss cantons and LI

From: Timing matters: the impact of response measures on COVID-19-related hospitalization and death rates in Germany and Switzerland

Canton Start date
Aargau (AG) March 16
Appenzell Innerrhoden (AI) March 13
Appenzell Ausserrhoden (AR) March 13
Bern (BE) March 14
Basel-Landschaft (BL) March 11
Basel-Stadt (BS) March 05
Fribourg (FR) March 11
Genève (GE) March 09
Glarus (GL) March 12
Graubünden (GR) March 09
Jura (JU) March 10
Luzern (LU) March 16
Neuchâtel (NE) March 07
Nidwalden (NW) March 09
Obwalden (OW) March 11
St. Gallen (SG) March 16
Schaffhausen (SH) March 17
Solothurn (SO) March 16
Schwyz (SZ) March 12
Thurgau (TG) March 16
Ticino (TI) March 05
Uri (UR) March 17
Vaud (VD) March 09
Valais (VS) March 12
Zug (ZG) March 13
Zürich (ZH) March 12
Principality of Liechtenstein (LI) March 09