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Table 4 Swiss CPI weights and “low-touch” weights

From: Weighting bias and inflation in the time of COVID-19: evidence from Swiss transaction data

Main groups CPI weights Low-touch weights Low-touch add-on
Food and non-alcoholic beverages 10.31 12.00 15%
Alcoholic beverages and tobacco 2.91 2.94  
Clothing and footwear 3.59 3.63  
Housing and energy 25.31 25.60  
Household goods and services 3.67 3.71  
Healthcare 14.33 14.49  
Transport 11.58 11.04 –7.7%
Communications 3.11 3.14  
Recreation and culture 8.43 7.45 –3.8%
Education 1.05 1.06  
Restaurants and hotels 9.45 8.61 –10%
Other goods and services 6.25 6.32  
  1. The CPI weight is the share of expenditure in a given category over total expenditures. The low-touch weights are the assumed expenditure shares in the “low-touch” scenario. They are calculated by adding fixed markups (or markdowns) to the CPI weights for 2020. the fourth column gives the average add-on per main group. Weights are normalized and applied from June 2020 until the end of the forecast period