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Table 5 Timeline of the events and measures taken by the Swiss Federal government. Compiled from the ordinances and media releases of the Swiss Federal Council, see documentation.html. Situation as of June 24, 2020

From: Weighting bias and inflation in the time of COVID-19: evidence from Swiss transaction data

28 February The Swiss Federal Council categorizes the situation in Switzerland as special in terms of the Epidemics Act. Events with more than
  1000 persons are prohibited effective immediately. Among other things, the Basel Carnival and the Geneva Motor Show are canceled.
13 March The government announces the closure of the schools on Monday, March 16. Events with more than 100 people are prohibited.
  Restaurants, bars, and discos are limited to 50 people.
16 March The Federal President declares the extraordinary situation, allowing the Federal Council to order the introduction of uniform measures
  in all cantons. All public and private events are prohibited. Shops, restaurants, and leisure facilities must close. The lock-down also
  applies to schools and businesses at which the recommended distance cannot be maintained (e.g., hairdressers and cosmetic
  studios). Only grocery stores and health facilities remain open. Border controls at the borders with Germany, Austria, and France
  were introduced, and entry bans imposed, albeit with exceptions. Border checks at the Italian border were already introduced
  at an earlier stage. Up to 8000 members of the armed forces were deployed to assist the cantons at hospitals and with logistics and security.
27 April First step towards opening: hairdressers, DIY stores, and garden centers may resume operations with protection concepts.
11 May Shops, restaurants, public markets, and museums may reopen. Primary and secondary schools can again teach on site.
6 June Events with up to 300 people are permitted again. Mountain railways, camping sites, zoos, and leisure facilities may open.
  Secondary, vocational, and higher education establishments may resume teaching.
15 June The borders to all states within the EU/EFTA area will be opened completely. Among other things, shopping tourism to Germany
  or Austria is permitted again.
19 June Return from the extraordinary to the special situation. The cantons will have a greater say and more room for maneuver. In public
  spaces, the minimum distance is reduced from 2 to 1.5 m. Restaurants will be allowed to move their tables closer together, while
  at the same time the Swiss midnight curfew will be lifted. Meetings and events for up to 1000 people are again permitted. Masks are
  compulsory at rallies. The recommendation to work from home if possible is repealed.