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Table 2 Averages of weekly shares of price adjustments by period

From: Tracking inflation on a daily basis

Category Before LD LD–P1 P1–P2 After P2
Food and non-alcoholic beverages .0354 .0429 .0553 .0344
Clothing and footwear .2181 .2268 .104 .1745
Household goods and services .106 .0823 .1077 .1238
Recreation and culture .1555 .1087 .0851 .0939
All products .1412 .1128 .0907 .116
  1. Notes: This table shows the average share of price adjustments by product category and in total during all weeks by period. LD, P1, P2, stand for lockdown (3/16/2020), phase 1 (4/27/2020) and phase 2 (5/11/2020), respectively. For example, in the product category food and non-alcoholic beverages, the weekly share of price changes is computed for each week and then we measure the average of all weeks before the LD and report it in the first column. Total includes all observed products, not only the products of the four categories displayed