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Table 1 Overview of old-age benefits in Switzerland

From: Augmented wealth in Switzerland: the influence of pension wealth on wealth inequality

Pension scheme Mean gross pension (CHF/ month)1 2014 Share of recipients 20142 Mean pay-out at retirement (CHF) 20153
OASI 1883 98.8%  
Occupational pensions 2577 49.0% 167,805
Third pillar   55.2% 59,028
  1. 1Only individuals receiving a pension. Source: own calculations from CH-SILC 2015
  2. 2OASI and occupational pensions: shares among retired individuals living in Switzerland. Third pillar: share of individuals aged 51–60 years. Source: own calculations from CH-SILC 2015
  3. 3Source: New pension statistics (Swiss Federal Statistical Office, 2019b)