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The ‘new firm paradigm’ and the provision of training: The impact of ICT, workplace organization and human capital

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Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics2012148:BF03399378

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The paper analyzes the relevance of the three constituent elements of the ‘new firm paradigm’, i.e. ICT, workplace organization and human capital, as determinants of a firm’s provision of training. We concentrate on apprenticeship training, which in German-speaking countries is a widespread practice of skill formation. Econometric studies dealing with a firm’s provision of apprenticeships so far did not pay much attention to the influence of a shift towards the new paradigm. We find that apprenticeship training is an appropriate way of skill formation in advanced economies, but this may not be the case in leading-edge segments of the economy.


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  • Firm-based training
  • Apprenticeship
  • ICT
  • Workplace organization
  • Human capital formation