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Emerging Lessons from Half a Century of Fiscal Federalism in Switzerland


Over the last six years, researchers collaborating through the SNF Sinergia Project have collected data on fiscal federalism in Switzerland over more than half a century. The analysis of these new data in a range of projects has generated new and robust evidence on fiscal interdependencies among local governments and on behavioral responses of households facing local differences This article presents some of the data collected and reports on nine examples of associated research projects.


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This text is based on the keynote address I gave on June 10, 2016 at the annual congress of the Swiss Society of Economics and Statistics (SSES) in Lugano. A video recording of the keynote lecture is available online at I thank Marius Brü, Monika Bütler, Patricia Funk, Mario Jametti, Raphaël Parchet, Marcus Roller, Anja Roth and Michaela Slotwinski for their help in preparing both keynote lecture and this text.

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