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Table 2 Principal attitudes towards money

From: Culture, money attitudes and economic outcomes

  Axis 1: prestige–power attitude Axis 2: economical management attitude Axe 3: goal-oriented attitude
I. Cognitive component
 1 Money as an achievement    0.66
 2 Money as status and respect 0.81   
 3 Money as freedom    0.70
 4 Money as power 0.76   
 5 Money as a social facilitator 0.55   
 6 Money as an end in itself (materialism) 0.57   
II. Behavioural component
 7 Hedonist behaviour    0.60
 8 Savings-oriented behaviour   0.76  
 9 Balanced-type behaviour (keeping a balanced budget)   0.82  
 10 Solvency behaviour (do not have any debts)   0.79  
  1. Note: Table 2 presents the factor loadings, meaning the correlation (Pearson’s r) between each variable measured and the factors after their orthogonal rotation, thus making it possible to facilitate the interpretation. To better reveal the structure of the values associated with money, the table ignores the correlations below 0.30 and places the items in the order of Table 1