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Table 3 Analyzed scenarios: climate goals and alternative policies

From: Multi-model comparison of Swiss decarbonization scenarios

Description   Name
Current climate change mitigation policies   BAU
Climate targets (tonne CO2 per capita): 1.5 tCO2 p.c. 1.0 tCO2 p.c.
Economy-wide CO2 tax 1.5_uni 1.0_unia
ETS and uniform CO2 tax 1.5ETS _uni 1.0ETS _uni
ETS and differentiated CO2 taxb,c 1.5ETS _diff 1.0ETS _diff
  1. aThe 1.0_uni scenario was not analyzed by the STEM model because of limited mitigation options in the model. It is assumed that the renewable potentials are limited and CCS is unavailable. Neither purchase of emission credit nor import of zero carbon energy commodities are considered
  2. bThis scenario is not implemented by the STEM model, given its characteristics of a bottom-up model, which does not represent the whole economy
  3. cThis scenario is not implemented by the CEPE-316 model because the model does not make a distinction between heating and transport oil